Want to be bold on pitch? Choose these football boots!

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To be a big star on the pitch, one of the best ways to get eyeballs is to have a pair of boots that can shine, apart from being a great player.
After today's "new product appreciation" and the flash of the shiny PUMA Chrome boots, you must be interested in the gold and silver color matching boots that made you the focus of the field.

Here are some of the best things you can do in today's market.
It is golden to be bold
Want to be bold on the pitch?

So a pair of golden boots is obviously the best option.
Whether it is the golden color of the tuhao, or the noble and elegant platinum, if you wear it, you will be able to transform into tuhao on the court instantly.

Adidas Messi 16.1 FG "Turbocharge Pack"

Messi 16.1FG footballbootshub
Recommended reasons:

For a player like messi, a pair of golden boots is the best reward for his brilliant career.
As adidas "Turbocharge Pack" crazy (green) products of football shoes suit, it with golden appearance of Messi not only color dazzling, 16.1 using Agilityknit knitting vamp SprintFrame lightweight soles and it clearly is enable you to complete decked with gold dream the best choice.

messi 16.1Fg Gold footballbootshub.com
Nike Mercurial Victory VI DF CR7 AG-R "Vitorias"

Nike Mercurial Victory VI DF CR7 AG-R
Recommended reasons:
Have the platinum color Nike Mercurial Victory VI DF shape "Vitorias" football shoes can not only achieve your decked with gold, and cristiano ronaldo as a limited war boots's version in the end, it gives a lot of poorer players a limited war boots with the double platinum white.
The super - fibre vamp and middle - shoe - collar configuration gives it a good combat performance.
More like, it's more grounded in a AG-R base.
The silver glitter and blinds
Want to impress your opponent?
In addition to beating them with their football skills, a pair of silky, blinder boots can make them more memorable.
If you're looking for a pair of boots, check out the recommendations.

Nike Mercurial Victory VI DF CR7 AG-R
Adidas Ace 16.1 FG Leather "Merury Pack"

Adidas Ace 16.1 FG Leather
Recommended reasons:
The main touching part of the ball USES the kangaroo leather shoes and has a shiny silver appearance.
Of course, adidas controls the Ace of the Ace.
The mercury color Ace 16.1 FG Leather football shoes are the best choice for both appearance and actual combat performance in silver combat boots.

Adidas Messi 16.1 FG "Merury Pack"

Adidas Messi 16.1 FG
Recommended reasons:
Agilityknit knitted shoes bring comfort and a sense of touch, and the SprintFrame lightweight base makes each step lighter and more explosive.
And with Messi's endorsement of the ring, it makes it look more tempting to make the silver look of the adidas Messi 16.1.
Want to blind your opponent's eyes?
That's not true!
The avatar is more sultry
For many low-profile players, it is clear that wearing gold on the pitch is not in keeping with their low-key style.
Only a little gold or silver element on the shoe can also be distinguished.
If you are such a player, these two boots are definitely more suitable for you.

Adidas Messi 16.1 FG footballbootshub

Mizuno Rebula V2 AG

Mizuno Rebula V2 AG
Recommended reasons:
The name is derived from the revolutionary and nebulae mezun-rich Rebula football shoes, which are a new type of combat boots.
As its secondary high-end product, Rebula V2 AG not only continues the kangaroo leather shoes with the CT Frame skeleton, but also USES the AG foundation which is in line with the national conditions.
And the initial black and silver match offers an opportunity for players who want to be a bit more coy.

Mizuno Rebula V2 AG 1
PUMA King Top m.i.chrome

PUMA King Top M.I.I Chrome

Recommended reasons:
Adding gold or silver to the shoes is not a patent for the new shoe.http://www.footballbootshub.com/36-adidas-messi-16
In addition to the elegant white kangaroo shoes, King Top M.I.I has a shiny silver tongue and PUMA runway line.
For the tasteful players, choose it.

PUMA King Top M.I.I Chrome
Regardless of which boots you recommend from www.footballbootshub.com, you want to be memorable on the pitch. Besides wearing shiny boots, it's more important to have a great ball game.


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