The road to fame! Take a look at ronaldo's professional career football boots

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Every pair of shoes has a story, especially the exclusive style of the big brands.
As Nike football field's spokesperson, Nike announced since 2015 for cristiano ronaldo 7 exclusive Mercurial career shape football war boots, each pair of Mercurial shape football war boots, cristiano ronaldo is not record important moment in one's career, is the symbol of special events and venues for him.

Arguably, these seven pairs of football boots will be a chronicle of ronaldo's career.
To date, there have been five pairs of c-lo career dedicated chapter combat football boots.
Today we're going to take you through the 5 pairs of special edition football boots of ronaldo's career.

Chapter 1 Savage Beauty

cristiano ronaldo football boots reviewscristiano ronaldo football boots reviews
In 2015, Nike announced that it would launch seven Mercurial CR7 football boots to record a brilliant career in cristiano ronaldo.
As the first combat boot of a career chapter, Savage Beauty's football boots show the world star's starting path by portraying his hometown, Madeira.
The volcanic lava patterns on the sneakers reflect the volcanic island characteristics of Madeira island.
As the high-end combat football boots of the first chapter, Mercurial Vapor X CR7 FG "Savage Beauty" will enable you to show your speed talent like cristiano ronaldo.
Soft super - fibre vamp, enhance the sense of encapsulation of the integrated shoe tongue and the grip of the powerful FG base, let you like young cristiano ronaldo on the court galloping.
Nike Mercurial Vapor X CR7 FG "Savage Beauty" football shoes

Chapter 2 Natural Diamond

Mercurial Veloce II CR7 AG-R bootMercurial Veloce II CR7 AG-R boot
Nearly a year later, Nike launched the first chapter of a Mercurial CR7 boot that describes its career: Natural Diamond.
The pair, which has a blue look, tells the story of cristiano ronaldo leaving his hometown to pursue his dream of football when he was 12.
The blue shoe is a symbol of the blue diamond primary color and has been added to the heel to symbolize the bumps and bumps along the road.
With a similar look to the high end, this chapter's subhigh-end Mercurial Veloce II CR7 AG-R boot is clearly more palatable to domestic players.
The same softness of artificial superfibre shoes and a better foot - fit independent shoe tongue make it possible for domestic consumers to feel ronaldo's dream.
Most importantly, the ag-r is perfect for domestic use.
Nike Mercurial Veloce II CR7 AG-R "Natural Dia

Chapter 3 Discovery

Nike Mercurial Victory VI CR7 DF AG-ProNike Mercurial Victory VI CR7 DF AG-Pro
"The horses are always, and the bole is not always."
For cristiano ronaldo, Sir Alex ferguson is discovering his "bole".
Sir Alex ferguson decided to bring the teenager who wore the Lisbon 28 shirt to the theatre after helping to defeat the visiting Manchester united in the summer of 2003.
Exclusive war football boots as cristiano ronaldo career Discovery in the third chapter, with cristiano ronaldo was worn by the assassin 1 generation of decorative pattern, the symbol of the sporting Lisbon green appearance, symbol and break up the word "6, 08, 03", let a person to think of the teenager facing Manchester united's performances.
With the same dynamic fit of the flagship, this will make the mid-end product Mercurial Victory VI CR7 DF AG-Pro to be more pretend bility.
The softness of the super - fiber shoes is moderate, allowing you to use your technical skills like cristiano ronaldo on the field. The AG-Pro has a stronger grip on artificial grassland.
Nike Mercurial Victory VI CR7 DF AG-Pro "Disco

Chapter 4 Forged for Greatness

Nike MercurialX Victory VI CR7 TFNike MercurialX Victory VI CR7 TF
Even if it is a thousand li ma, if not strict to oneself, then also can only fall injury zhongyong's end.
This spring, the fourth chapter of the c-lo professional life boot is a story of how Manchester united's cristiano ronaldo has become a superstar.
Shoe is a symbol of hot metal forging forming of color symbol from younger players into football star cristiano ronaldo, the process of vamp 28 and the change of the Roman numerals of the 7 shows the star cristiano ronaldo has become old trafford.
For small players, trying to dominate the game will be like cristiano ronaldo's constant honing of his skills.
So this chapter is the best choice for the medium - end product MercurialX Victory VI CR7 TF for small players.
The tactile super - fiber shoe surface, the package and pretend bility combination of dynamic bonding, and the grip of the good performance of TF.
Let you play a part of your world in a small field like cristiano ronaldo.
Nike MercurialX Victory VI CR7 TF "Forged for

Chapter 5 Cut to Brilliance

Mercurial Victory VI CR7
Cristiano ronaldo has Nike launched a career exclusive football war boots in the fifth chapter, called the Cut to shape of offerings exclusive combat football boots with shiny appearance, like diamonds are all due to his move to real Madrid after scoring the incomparable.
After joining real Madrid, ronaldo has been scoring goals and becoming the first person to score a goal against all opponents in the first season.

Mercurial Victory VI CR7
The white football boots add a diamond-like pattern and follow the words "El Sueno Del Nino" (teenage dream).
The super - fibre vamp and dynamic fit are used for the shoe collar. As the medium - end style Mercurial Victory VI CR7 is really good enough for the actual field.
For the big field players in dosmetic, the return of ag-r is clearly good news.
Of course, even for the players who can only kick the carpet, the good performance of TF is a good partner.

Mercurial Victory VI CR7


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