Adidas releases a new Pyro Storm football boots suit

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Today, adidas officially released new Pyro Storm football shoes suit, Ace, X, Nemeziz and Copa four series at all levels and different types of bottoms shoe all changed into the new coat, this will be the future main color of adidas football boots shoes for two months.

Adidas official first release is new color Nemeziz 17 series of football shoes, orange shoe collocation black grain makes this pair of "Nemeziz" published the most bright eye color of all, believe that identification will be high on the pitch.

pyro storm
Ace 17 series also USES is the orange shoe collocation black Logo, the color is like a warm current in the gradual cooling of Europe, pull him in the next game, Kitty, ali and other players will be put on this pair of orange football boots shoes.

pyro storm adidas new release

However, the PDS still does not release the low-top kangaroo leather version of zidane's Ace 17 series.

pyro storm adidas new release
Compared with the bright eyes of Nemeziz and Ace, the new colors of X 17 and Copa 17 will be a lot more low-key.

pyro storm adidas new release
The X 17 series is dark in color, but because of the special texture of vamp, the new color X 17 series of football boots can be seen with a dark orange effect, which seems to be black, very special.

pyro storm adidas new release
In the previous section of the X17.1 kangaroo skin, the black kangaroo skin was selected.

Copa17.1 football boots are more traditional and low-key when they are replaced with new ones, and the combination of black and orange is bound to be popular with a lot of retro control.pyro storm adidas new release

Although there are no professional players to endorse the Copa 17 series, there are always Copa 17.1 in the non-top and amateur arena.

pyro storm adidas new release
Currently, adidas' new Pyro Storm football boots suit has been on the adidas UK website and PDS, and the sales price is consistent with previous sales.


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