Choose The Right Soccer Cleats, Superb Strikes From Distance Is Not A Dream!

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Talking to score a goal in a football match, superb strikes is probably the most passionate for spectators.
Last week's domestic game was truly a superb strikes weekend, with all kinds of mobile warfare and long distance place kick are gorgeousness to audience.

Looking at the excitement of this weekend's domestic game, I believes that the soccercleats99s who plays in the amateur arena, is hoping that he will be able to perform amazing in the event.
Today, I'll tell you what soccer shoes on the market can help you achieve your dreams.

magista Opus II AGmagista Opus II AGmagista Opus II AG

Do you want to score a goal by a powerful long distance strike? A pair of combat football boots is essential that will make you a magic power.
When it comes to powerful football shoes, no doubt that PUMA's evoPOWER series.

puma evo Power2.3
As a generation of high-end products from the evoPOWER series, the evoPOWER 2.3 AG adopts the super fiber vamp, which is added to the same AccuFoam as the top style, which makes the shot and pass more precise and powerful.

The AG foundation suitable for artificial pasture land gives you a better performance.

With the continuous progress of football shoe science and technology, the strength of the combat football boots is constantly
changing to avoid being eliminated by The Times.

evopower vigor
The new PUMA evoPOWER Vigor 1 is the most recent work of the force - type combat soccer boots.
The PUMA evoPOWER Vigor 1 still adopts the combination of adap-lite which can release the powerful strength and the AccuFoam,
which can be used to achieve accurate shooting with the 3D foam point structure.Also comply with the trend to add the Spandex sock structure to enhance the sense of package.

puma vigor 1
It's really worth it to have such a modern, powerful combat football shoes.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG

The best way to end the game is to break into the opponent's goal, that would be the perfect outcome if you can use a long shot
to get the opponent to bow.
If you want to bend your opponent in this way, you need the green terminator - Nike's new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II boots.

nike hypervenom phantom III DF

As new Hypervenom series boots flagship product, Hypervenom Phantom III DF not only have a first-class touch feel and comfort
knitting vamp, but also joined the foam filled diamond bump promoting shot strength and accuracy.
And it's more trustworthy made in italy version .

nike hypervenom phantom III DF
The terminator, who wants to use a long shot to surrender a rival, it is the first choice.
Nike Magista Opus II AG-Pro Uses a strong shot to break the opponent's goal, not just brute force, but more precision, or it will actually shoot the plane down.In addition to hard work, it is important to have a good pair of soccer hypervenom phantom III DF
As a representative of Nike's control type boot, Magista Opus II Uses the tactile kanga-lite artificial super fiber, which is not
as soft as the flagship Flyknit, but has a much better performance.adidas ace 17.1
Add a hollow-point structure to the top of the shoe to lift the touch sence help you strike precise long distance when you touch
the ball.

Adidas Ace 17.1 Primeknit "Red Limit"

adidas ace 17.1

since Nike's Magista series can help you achieve accurate long shooting, so does adidas Ace, which is also belong to control
type of combat soccer boots.After all, it is first choice of a lot of midfield players who are good at long shooting.
Compared to the flagship model of dream appearance, the high cost of high-end Ace 17.1 Primeknit AG is obviously the best choice
to combat match.

adidas ace 17.1
Primeknit knitted shoes with three-dimensional friction lines make your long shooting more accurate, and the combination of the
shoe collar and the integrated shoe tongue have better package sense.
It is suitable for the AG base, with the red alert color.
You're a field sniper with precision shooting in the field after you wear it.

Mizuno Wave Ignitus 4 MD

Mentioned to the powerful soccer cleats, not only is the evoPOWER series of PUMA, but also Ignitus, from Mizuno, is a favorite of
long shot gamers, according to Mizuno Wave Ignitus 4.
Especially in the time of penalty kick.mizuno wave ignitus 4 MD
As an Ignitus swan song, Wave Ignitus 4 MD has a huge area of exaggerated appearance that makes your long shots more powerful and precise.
The signal-style no-swing zone is still retained, allowing you to kick a no-swing in the free kick.

mizuno wave ignitus 4 MD
Of course, the Wave cushioning technology from heel gives you a comfortable feel.
As the saying goes that the day of the curtain call is on sale day, it is wise to buy at this time.


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